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  • LEVEL UP POINTS (abilities)- Attack, Defence, Armor, Damage and Hit Points: Boost attack and damage in the beginning, then only damage, and boost attack if you can't  out-do a creatures defense. You can always do a reset with FSP.


  • SKILLS POINTS (Buffs) - Focus on one at a time when using Skill Points. A bunch of buffs with 10 Skill Points on each are useless. Once allocated, you can't get those skill points back unless you reset them for 100 FSP.    I recommend saving them until you get to level 25,  and put it all in Adept Learner first to maximize xp gain for leveling potential.                       

  •         New Recruit tip:-----------------

    1. You need to kill creatures to get xp

    2. Always aim to kill creatures at or above your level (for optimum xp)

    3. If you can try to wear items that form a complete set. This will give you Elite Hunter, which increases xp gain

    4. If you can, try to use the skill/buff Adept Learner - it will increase the xp you gain from a creature

    5. If you can afford to get it, the Librarian buff is also useful for extra xp.

  • New Recruit tip:----------------- When you have a map full of monsters, on your keypad hit 1, then "r", then 2, Then "r", then 3, Then "r", all the way up to 8 if you need to. Do this in rapid sucsession. like: 1,r,2,r,3,r,4,r,5,r,6,r,7,r,8,r.. Then use the "w" key to move up on the map, "x" to go down, "d" to go right, and "a" to go left. any questions?  


  • When out training, always walk in a pattern. This will help you cover the entire map. This also helps avoid doing any backtracking and wasting stamina. USE A MAP.


  • Look for areas that have multiple monsters with high xp. Concentrate on them. Use the Training pages, it will help you determine what creatures you need to kill for higher xp gain.


  • Levels below 140, try to get 1 hit kills.

    Levels over 140, try to get 2- 3 hit kills if possible.


  • You can attack multiple creatures at once by clicking on all the creature tiles in that spot. Battle will show for the Last creature you click on. This will save time.


  • Remember to ALWAYS repair your items.


  • If you do not want to watch the battle - Set the Combat Display Speed to "Instant", This can be edited in Character - Preferences, under Combat Display Speed. Also you can just click on "Back to World" as soon as you start the battle. this will save you time, since battles are pre-determined.


  • When you are done training, try to stop at a relic to either take the relic or help defend it.


  • Farming: Stay in one area attacking the same elite for the rare items to sell for FSP in the auction house.


  • Generally Elites spawn every 5 mins

    (xx:00, xx:05, xx:10).

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Upgrades - FSP

  • 1-2 backpack slots (15 fsp)


  • Several auctions slots. (20 fsp)


  • Upgrade stamina gain per hour

    (25 fsp)          


PVP (player vs player)

  • The BEST way to avoid getting a bounty placed on you when playing to increase your PvP rating or if you are doing it for a quest, return all the gold you stole with a little note in explanation.


  • Attack inactive players (more than 24 hours idle) when doing PvP for gold. (possbily avoiding getting a bounty placed on you)


  • Use more 100 stamina to receive more gold durning your attack. 



Auction House

  • Change preferences to your level and 5-10 levels under. Search for cheap items. Sometimes there are better items than the sets.


  • For set items, you can put the name of the set in the search bar, all items within that set that are being sold will come up (example -

Item Calculater





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